Frightened pet rats dumped outside Blue Cross rescue centre on fireworks night

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BONFIRE night was a damp squib for two pet rats abandoned outside in the cold in a filthy cage as noisy fireworks exploded overhead.

The pair were discovered dumped on the doorstep of the Blue Cross centre in Torquay by staff the following morning.

The rats have been aptly named Guy and Fawkes after the original gunpowder plotter.

They were found outside the charity’s Watcombe based centre when staff arrived for work the following morning.

Laura Boyle, manager at the Watcombe-based rehoming centre, said: “This is a first for us – we’ve never had rats abandoned here before.

“These two poor little guys would have been really cold and frightened out there all night.

“If you are struggling to care for your pets, please don’t just abandon them – get in touch with a charity that will be able to offer help and advice on finding them new homes.

“As we don’t usually look after rats here, we’ve had to run around to find things like hay for their cage and the right food for them, but they seem quite happy now.

“They’re really sweet and starting to show their cheeky, friendly natures.”

Rats often get a bad press, but they can actually make fantastic pets, Laura said.

They are clean and intelligent and love human company.

They make great pets for children as they are much easier to handle than gerbils or mice and really enjoy the interaction if they are used to it from an early age.

Luckily, it looks like Guy and Fawkes may already have a new owner lined up, so they will hopefully remember the 5th November as the day they found a happy new home.

The Blue Cross in Torbay usually cares for cats at its rehoming centre in Torbay and also finds new homes for dogs through its Home Direct scheme.

To find out more about the pets currently looking for new homes, visit

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