Forty More Rats Seized from Kettering Apartment

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Aug 11, 2014 in Rat News | Subscribe

KETTERING — Humane society officers were back out at a studio apartment on Wilmington Pike Wednesday, removing 40 more pocket pet rats. 

Last week, humane officers seized 300 of the animals because the owner was evicted for not paying his rent. These rats can reproduce in just 21 days.

“Spay and neutering is so very important for every animal. It’s also good for them as far as health reasons. It prevents lots of other illnesses that they can carry and contract when you don’t spay and neuter,” said Sheila Marquis, Humane Society Officer. 

Officers say the owner of the rats just got in over his head. He’s not been charged.Some of the rats have been adopted locally, others went to a rat rescue in Cincinnati.Forty More Rats Seized from Kettering Apartment

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