Flight Attendant Sues Leno—Over Bestiality Jokes

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A segment from earlier this year has landed Jay Leno in hot water, and it’s all thanks to a couple of bestiality jokes. Former American Airlines flight attendant Louann Giambattista sued the airline back in June over a bizarre situation: The 55-year-old said her co-workers lied and said she was bringing her pet rats on work flights by hiding them in her underwear. Leno, of course, could not let that one go; in a July segment, he mocked the lawsuit, then brought three guest comedians on to mock it some more. The lawsuit accuses Leno and NBC (though not the three guest comedians) of falsely accusing Giambattista of “engaging in bestiality and sexual misconduct with a rat,” Courthouse News reports.

Specifically, one of the guest comedians “berated Ms. Giambattista for seating the rats ‘in cooch,’ a reference to plaintiff’s genitalia,” the lawsuit states, while another said she must like having “something creepy in her underwear,” and the third suggested Giambattista instead use a Rabbit vibrator. “The second panelist accused Ms. Giambattista of using the rats for her own sexual gratification and portrayed Ms. Giambattista as a woman engaged in sexual misconduct of the most depraved sort, bestiality,” all while Leno laughed and went along with it, the lawsuit claims. The worst part? It also claims that as a result of the Leno segment, Giambattista’s husband “now suffers from severe sexual dysfunction and inability to perform sexually” because “every time he looks at [Giambattista] he thinks of defendant Leno and the heinous segment depicting her as a sexual deviant.”

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