Flight attendant accused of smuggling rats in pantyhose, underwear

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Ever since American Airlines flight attendant Louann Giambattista was accused of sneaking her pet rats onto an airplane in her pantyhose, her job has been hell. A pilot says he witnessed a “bulge in [her] pocket” during a layover in 2012 that he concluded was a stowaway pet, which is a wholesome interpretation of a thrashing lump around a woman’s groin region. (If we were Giambattista, we’d go for the rat story before someone comes up with a more interesting accusation.) As a result of what she says are “patently untrue” accusations, Giambattista is suing American Airlines for the resulting anxiety and PTSD symptoms of being inspected by federal agents every time she passed through customs before flying internationally. FYI, ma’am … that’s what we have to do every time we fly, and we don’t even own a mouse. [Source

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