Fancy Rats Take Center Stage

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Fancy rats? Sure! The annual “Come Fall for Rats” show highlights the fun and popular idea of rats as pets.

RatsPAcNW sponsors the show and offers a day of educational information for the general public on rat care, rat illnesses, first aid, feeding and creative toys and games.

ae.rats02The annual rat show is held in Hillsboro offers displays, educational events and lots of photogenic rats.

Vendors offer rat-themed merchandise. If a rat strikes your fancy, rat rescue groups will have adoptable rats on view for you to meet.

The event includes breeders and fanciers showing their rats in the standards show. Also there is a “pet class” show with contests such as “best costume,” “longest tail,” “kissiest” and more.

Please note that only registered animals (and service animals) are allowed on the show grounds.

Fall for Rats is held 11 a.m-5 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 2, in the Cloverleaf Building of the Washington County Fairplex, 873 N.E. 34th Ave., Hillsboro. Admission $3-$5. Details:

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