Family find 4ft SNAKE staring at them from kitchen boiler as they prepare breakfast

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A family got a fright when they found a four-foot python hiding in their boiler.

The snake is believed to be an escaped pet
which slithered into the house overnight through the catflap looking for somewhere warm and safe to hide.

Dhan Ramdharry and his wife and three children were preparing for breakfast the next morning when they noticed the cover of the boiler was loose before the serpent poked its head out.

Dhan’s wife Kelly has a severe phobia
of snakes and suffered a panic attack when she saw it and fled.

Their  son Brandon, 13, also left the house but children Ruby, nine, and Marley, 14, were keen to watch what happened.

Dhan, a care home owner, tried calling the RSPCA and the local vets with no luck, so summoned Jason Miller from a pet store in Bournemouth, Dorset.

The snake was identified as a royal python, a type of constrictor snake. It is a popular pet due to its typically docile temperament.

Jason recovered the snake, a fully-grown male of about 4ft in length, and is now looking after it at his shop, Reptiles Plus.


Dhan, 38, said: “I’d been in the kitchen all morning and I hadn’t even noticed the cover of the boiler was partly off.

“My son said ‘what’s that?’ and my wife started screaming ‘it’s a snake’.

“Kelly has a huge phobia of snakes, she can’t even look at a picture of one. She had a panic attack and ran out of the room crying.

“My daughter wanted to hold it, my younger son ran to a friend’s house and wouldn’t come back and my other son got a golf club.

“I kept thinking ‘is this real? Is it plastic?’ but it was watching me and followed me every time I moved.

“We had the heating on the night before because it suddenly went a bit chilly. The reptile guy said they see infra-red heat so it would have seen our house was noticeably warmer than others.”

Although most of the family were left shaken by the incident, nine-year-old Ruby now wants a pet snake.

Jason said: “It’s very unlikely that a person has dumped the snake.

“The chances are it pushed its way out through a vent
or someone left its tank open.”

Royal pythons – python regius in Latin – are the smallest of the African pythons and typically range in size from 3ft to 5ft.

They live for an average of 20 to 30 years in captivity and are generally active during the night and hide during the day.

Their diet consists of small mammals such as rats, shrews and mice.

Staff at the shop are currently monitoring the snake and it will then be rehomed or taken to the RSPCA.


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