England fears invasion of giant Scottish rats

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Fears are growing that giant ginger rats will soon invade England from Scotland, after they were spotted scavenging between the borders.

The giant rats got their reddish tint after pet rats were released and then bred with the wild ones. In most situations officials would put down poison to kill the rodents; however they are mainly situated in Lochpark Industrial Estate, Hawick, just 35km miles from England.

If officials put poison down, they run the risk of also killing pet cats and dogs as well.

There are huge holes clearly visible under bushes, where it is thought that the rats have been burrowing towards England, until they eventually cross the border.

Some locals are not helping the situation as they have apparently been feeding the animals, outraging the others who want the rodents dead.

Colin Easton, owns a local tyre dealing company, and says he sees dozens of the rates every day, he says, “I’ve seen white rats as well as ginger ones. Someone from the council came up but I’m not sure what stage they are at.”

One local said: “The place is infested with the rats. I used to walk my dog along there but no longer do so because I was afraid of someone putting poison down. The problem really needs to be dealt with. I think someone has been releasing pet rats into the wild and they have been breeding with the wild ones.”

A spokesman for the Scottish Borders Council said: “The council was first made aware of rat activity in the Lochpark area in mid-February. Officers have investigated all complaints received and have been monitoring the area along with officers from our pest control service.

“Due to the risk of harming other wildlife and pets, we are unable to bait the area.”


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