Egg-eating dog had egg-peeling skills

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I’m back from vacation, but while I was gone I received more stories about weird food cravings of pets, so let’s continue the conversation.

DEAR JOAN: I wanted to pass along an anecdote about a dog my husband knew. The dog, a yellow lab, loved hard-boiled eggs.

She would take a boiled egg and gently carry it in her mouth over to tile flooring. She would then drop the egg to crack it and proceed to lick the shell off, leaving the shell all over the floor, and when it was shell free, she would eat the egg.

Clever huh?

Nancy, Portola Valley

DEAR NANCY: That dog was certainly a good egg. Sorry. I’ve been on vacation.

DEAR JOAN:  One of the best things about pet rats is feeding them. Like Remy in “Rattatoule,” they have very discriminating tastes, and our family enjoyed presenting them with tiny sushi plates of well balanced and attractively arranged meals.

Salmon, quinoa, mango, avocado, yogurt and peeled red grapes were favorites. At Thanksgiving, they dined on a miniature version of a traditional dinner, right down to the pumpkin pie and stuffing.

They offered one stinging critique of a chicken recipe I tested on them. They threw it in their litter pan. I got the message.

Teresa K., Bay Area

DEAR TERESA: I want to come to your house for dinner.

DEAR JOAN: I used to have a cat named Giza who loved to share my artichokes. After I’d taken a bite I’d hold the leaf for her and she’d scrape what remained with that rough cat tongue of hers, leaf after leaf. It took awhile.

Sue, Martinez

DEAR SUE: I’m not sure who had the most patience.

DEAR JOAN: My cats seem to like the smell of the pool when I come home from lap swimming. They act like it’s cat nip.

One of my cats also has a sweet tooth and loves a small plop of peach or apricot jam, and also a dried wild blueberry or two.

Nay A., Pleasant Hill

DEAR NAY: Perhaps they think you’ve turned into a tasty mermaid when you’ve been out swimming.

DEAR JOAN: As I read the strange behaviors of cats in your column, I am reminded of my cat, Smokey.

We had two inseparable male cats when I was a teenager, Smokey and Blackcat. Shortly after Blackcat disappeared forever, Smokey took to sitting on the floor of my bedroom, watching some invisible creature crawl up the corner to the ceiling, then along the junction of wall and ceiling to the next corner, then back again.

This behavior continued for weeks, not always using the exact same pathway or the same time of day or night, but always along junctions of walls and ceiling. It was very disconcerting, and I couldn’t help but wonder if Smokey was seeing Blackcat’s ghost, as he just sat there, watching “it.”

There was no noise to indicate an animal was behind the wall or in the attic. Besides, creatures can’t crawl up the insides of most walls as there are fire stops blocking the possible pathways.

Smokey finally quit doing this before I lost my bearings, and never did it again. I would have loved to have heard his explanation.

Lawrence V. Koepke, San Jose

DEAR LAWRENCE: Ah, all those unanswered questions that our feline friends pose.

I’m not sure if I believe in ghosts, but for years after my cat, Andy, died, I swear I would feel him jump onto my bed and curl up beside me. Was it his ghost watching over me, or just my imagination?

Anyone else have stories like these? I’ve got another vacation coming up soon and would love to have some letters to share while I’m gone.

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