Dog and Pet Rat Left in Hot Car Die

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A security guard at a Fair Oaks shopping mall is heatbroken, after a dog he tried to save, died from the heat inside a vehicle it was left in.

“I broke the window out and took the dog out of the vehicle,” said Donald Krug of CERT Protection Agency. “We watered the dog down, tried to cool it, but it passed away.”

The pet’s owner was too upset to talk with Fox40. But Krug said the young woman’s mother told him this explanation.

“She said she was having a dispute with her landlord over how many animals that she had. She was trying to hide them from the landlord,” Krug said.

Perhaps the reason why the dog and five pet rats – one which also died – were left inside the scorching hot SUV, parked in the nearby shopping mall, at least since 8 a.m. that morning.

“I went to look in the window and it was hot to the touch. I could feel the heat radiating,” said Dominique Hill, an employee of the mall who also tried to save the dog. “When I saw the dog in the car, I was extremely angry. I couldn’t even speak.

“I took the dog out of the kennel, and started putting water on the dog and trying to rub it and stiumlate it. But it was too late,” Hill added.

“Temperatures are cooling off, but as long as the sun’s out, it’s gonna be hot in a vehicle,” Krug said. “You can’t leave kids, you can’t leave dogs. You can’t leave animals in a vehicle.”

It’s unknown for now, if the pet owner will be in any trouble.

The county’s animal services couldn’t be reached Tuesday night. A city official said if this had happened within city limits, that owner would likely face felony animal cruelty charges.

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