Despite troubled past, Jimmy’s family says he didn’t deserve to die

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Those who love James Georgeson, Jr. say he had his troubles, but didn’t deserve to be shot to death.

“I want to believe they remember the good things and forget all the rest,” said his mother Seppie Grecio.

The day after Georgeson was killed in an officer-involved shooting in West Medford, his family is missing its nephew, son and brother. Many of them are still in shock.

“I don’t think it’s hit me yet,” said Georgeson’s father, James.

His family wants people to know the real Jimmy, not the man who was in and out of jail most of his life.

Flipping through an old photo album, his mother Seppie said she will always remember the boy who loved his pet rats and liked to tease his little sister, Karly.

“I watch it on the news all the time – people dying. You know you feel bad,” Karly said. “But you truly never really understand it until it happens to you.”

Jimmy’s countless cousins, aunts and uncles will all remember him in different ways.

For his grandfather, David Crofton, it is a picture taken of Jimmy when he received his GED. For Jimmy’s father it’s a shirt that says “World’s Greatest Dad.” It was a father’s day gift from his son.

“He was always my life,” he said.

Jimmy’s family says he didn’t deserve to die. His father says they have hired attorneys and plan on taking legal action.

The Georgeson family said they do not have a memorial planned. They say they will wait until an autopsy is done and his body is released.

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