Desperate Rachel is ‘too fat to work’

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A YORK woman who believes her weight is stopping her finding work has appeared on a national documentary about people who are “too fat to work”.

Forty-one-year-old Rachel Lacy featured in Channel 5’s Benefits: Too Fat to Work, which saw her waiting for the NHS-funded weight-loss surgery she believes would change her life.

Rachel, who weighs 20 stone, had been unemployed for three months, and relying on £140 of Jobseekers’ Allowance a fortnight to survive.

Despite applying for hundreds of jobs in just three months, the single mum had not had any luck in getting off the dole.

On the programme, she spoke of her desperation to find work, saying there were times when she was long-term unemployed and feeding her pet rats was the only reason she could get up in the morning.

The former tour guide has run paranormal tours of York, was known as York’s “Ghostfinder General”, and part of the city’s Ghost Festival.

But, she said, she would take any work she could find.

“I am not pretentious, I will take anything. I want a pay packet and I want to work,” she said.

“I have worked more often than I haven’t worked, so I have paid in.

“I have paid into the system and I will continue to pay in.”

But after months of rejection Rachel said she believes employers are put off by her size – and losing weight is the only way for her to get a job.

The programme followed Rachel as she went for an NHS-funded £6,000 gastric bypass – which she hoped would make her physically fitter, increase her self-confidence and transform her health – only for the procedure to be cancelled at the last minute when she fell ill.

“It’s about living longer, and not dying young.

“I don’t think that side of it is emphasised enough.

“It [her weight] will kill me young if I don’t do this.”

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