Critter Control: How to protect your home from rats

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Story by Miranda Grossman / CBS12 News
BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. — Rodent populations are out of control here in South Florida. It’s a problem that has professional rat control services scrambling to help homeowners. Why is the problem so bad and what can you as a homeowner do to protect your property?

Dave Hasz has been with Critter Control for more than a decade.  He knows how bad the problem with rodents here in South Florida has gotten.

At a home in Boynton Beach, Hasz was called out after a raccoon got into the home through the roof.

“They just happen to look over at the roof and see a raccoon pulling the vent out and shot right in,” said Hasz.

After inspecting the home, Hasz not only found two baby raccoons hiding in the attic, he spotted signs of other rodents which can cause a lot of damage.

“A lot of cases they do cause fires by chewing wires. They do ruin your installation, you know the feces and urine.”

Hasz’s best advice to protect your home, “Definintely have your home inspected by a professional, have them do a full assessment.”

Now that the mother raccoon is scared away, Critter Control plans to release the baby raccoons on the side of the home so the mother can come back and get them when she feels safe.
Critter Control: How to protect your home from rats

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