Creatures that get stung by unfair criticism

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Sep 20, 2018 in Rat News | Subscribe

If you live in a city, you’re probably never too far away from a rat.

For a long time, their reputation for spreading disease has put them near the bottom of many people’s lists of favourite animals.

This concern stems from them long being blamed for spreading the Black Death, which killed millions of people throughout medieval Europe and Asia.

But a study published earlier this year suggests they may not have been to blame, instead pointing the finger at human parasites like fleas and lice.

There is also a difference between wild rats and pet rats, which come from a long line of rats which have been domesticated by humans – they haven’t just been plucked from the streets.

In fact, according to animal charity Blue Cross, pet rats are “clean, intelligent, enjoy human company and make wonderful pets”.

So maybe there isn’t so much to worry about?

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