Cottonwood man would rather move than give up pet snakes

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on May 4, 2013 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

Cobb maintains nobody cares for snakes better than he does.

“Best caging, best bedding, best food. Best everything,” Cobb said. “They’re the best-kept animals, bar none, anywhere.”

The boas are even fed a steady diet of homegrown rats, and his freezer full of them. While some people might think it’s disgusting, Cobb says that’s what most boa constrictors need to eat.

“That is pretty standard, yeah,” Cobb said.

Police officers have informed Cobb that he needs to get rid of some of his snakes.

“He’s sad that he’s got to get rid of his snakes. But he understands that when you move into a place, a residential neighborhood like that, cities, or the county or whatever— they have ordinances for this sort of stuff,” said Sgt. Dan Bartlett.

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