Company will help clean rat-infested house

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A company that specializes in cleaning homes in ruinous states is going to help clean a house infested with rats.

Laura Spaulding, with Spaulding DeCon, is taking on the task of cleaning up a south Saint Petersburg home, once hundreds of rats are removed.

Spaulding got a frantic call from the Coleman family. She specializes in cleaning up crimes scenes and animal hoarding homes.

Now she is donating her time to help clean up.

“I think this house is a house of horrors. Now it’s even worse,” she said.

The problem started in 2012 when Florine Brown brought home a few rats. They began multiplying and Brown made each her pet.

“A couple of times I almost got arrested because I’m trying to tell her to do the right thing,” Lonnie Coleman, Brown’s uncle.

Coleman lives inside the family home and hears the noise of nearly 700 rats roaming.

“It is kind of mind wrecking. You think it’s somebody breaking in or something like that,” he said.

For the first time in nearly two years, he made his way upstairs. What he found made his heart sink.

“I am just at a loss of words. Right now because this is very unsanitary,” he said.

He knew his niece had a problem, but he stuck to his side of the house and dealt with the stench.

“I used a lot of incense and stuff like that to try and die it down,” he said.

The smell is so bad inside the home that masks have to be worn.

Brown has been back placing water and food for the rats. Experts say that is a classic sign of animal hoarding.

“Their hearts are in the right place and they want to do the right thing. She looked at these rats as her pets,” said Spaulding.

Now Coleman waits, hoping his living nightmare will soon come to an end.

“If it wasn’t for them we would probably end up losing the house,” she said.

The city will continue placing traps in the home for about two weeks. The SPCA did trap nearly 100 rats, many of which were adopted out.

Once the traps are removed, the home will more than likely be tented.

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