Coffee, pastries and vermin: Scurry on down to the Rat Cafe

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Before you get all weirded out over the San Francisco tourist attraction inviting you to dine with rats, think of it this way.

At least they’re not cockroaches.

The San Francisco Dungeon is throwing a two-day, “immersive, pop-up” event called Rat Cafe, where the featured “guests” will be rats – because rats need all the good PR they can get.

They won’t be the monstrous sewer dwellers that find fame dragging greasy slabs of pizza around New York City.


These are cute, furry little pet rats. Awwww.

The Dungeon is a tourist attraction with interactive, live-action shows where actors tell scary stories about San Francisco’s colorful past, like that whole bubonic plague thing in 1900 that was partially spread by, uh, rats.

For the $49.99 price of admission on July 1 and 8, visitors will get coffee or tea, a pastry and 15 minutes of hair-raising time to play with a rat.

The menu for the event is downright punny: rattucino, rattes and car-rat cake.

“Drinking coffee while a rat is on the loose? That’s not for the faint of heart,” the company said in a statement that explains the goal was to create a “frighteningly funny encounter.”

The “ambassador rats” will come from Rattie Ratz, a Bay Area nonprofit group that rescues, rehabilitates and places rats for adoption, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

“This is an opportunity to remind people that, while rats were public enemy number one in the 1900s, today, they are more than acceptable as house pets and cafe guests,” restaurant spokesman Cole Kourvais told Time.

Presumably the health department has ratified the event.

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