City Makes it Easier to Reunite Lost Pets With Owners

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Patch is no stranger to helping pet owners reunite with their lost four-legged friends (just ask Tucker, the Chihuahua-miniature Pinscher).

But sometimes it’s not that simple. Thankfully, Naperville Animal Control is making things a little easier for owners when pets stray away from home.

Animal Control now provides a daily list of animals that have either been turned in to Naperville Animal Control or have been found by Animal Control officers, which is posted on the city’s website

The list shows photos of the pet along with information such as when the pet was impounded, where it was found and a brief description. Currently, four dogs, four pet rats and three gerbils are impounded at Naperville Animal Control.

“It has often been said that stray animals are owned by irresponsible owners; that the animal is unwanted, abandoned, mistreated or uncared for. This is not necessarily true. Accidents do happen and situations arise that the animal may get away from the owner,” according to Naperville Animal Control.

Animal Control reminds owners that it is important to keep an animal ID or tag with pet and owner information on your pet at all times. 

What you can do:

  • Check the animal for collar and tags. If there is an ID tag, call the owner immediately. If the animal is wearing a county rabies tag call the number on the tag to get the owner information. If the animal is wearing a Naperville City License, call our office at 630-420-6178 or 630-420-6664 to have the tag traced.
  • Consider having Animal Control come pick up the animal or bring the animal to the Police Department. This will give the rightful owner the best possible chance to find their pet.
  • Place an ad in the local paper. Some papers will allow you to run a free ad for found animals; be certain to check the lost pets too!
  • Have the animal scanned for a microchip at your local veterinary clinic, animal shelter or animal control facility. Ask them to check for tattoos as well.
  • Most lost pets are not very far from their home, check the area for lost fliers posted on poles and mailboxes.
  • Take the pet for a walk (dogs on a leash, cats in a carrier) and ask around about it; or take a picture of the pet with you and speak to neighbors and mail carrier. If the animal lives in the area, someone might know who the owner is!
  • Call all the surrounding Animal Controls, file a found report and have them check their lost animal reports.
    • Aurora Animal Control, 630-897-5695
    • Bolingbrook Animal Control, 630-759-0332
    • DuPage County Animal Control, 630-407-2800
    • Warrenville Animal Control, 630-393-2131
    • Will County Animal Control, 815-462-5633

Fill out a Found Animal Report

Click here to view the current impound list.

For more information, please contact Naperville Animal Control at 630-420-6178 or

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