Can Rats Be Cute Pets? Viral Video Says, Yes

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People in New York City have a very specific opinion on rats.

Most of the time, the animals are associated with unsanitary subways, bold enough to carry a piece of pizza down a flight of stairs in order to enjoy it in peace and quiet, away from the humans.

A viral video of a rat playing peek-a-boo is showing the world that the creatures have the potential to be quite cute, especially when they’re not in a setting where they are constantly in survival mode.

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“This is so adorable. What a beautiful little creature,” wrote YouTube user Vanna Rocha.

Social media user Melissa Mangaring added, “Rats are really sweet creatures.”

Before we judge rats, we have to know the facts.

Rats are actually really clean animals, according to Buzzfeed.

Rats are also quite smart, as some are reportedly trained to detect deadly landmines. They can also learn their names as well as tricks.

Rats are also capable of forming a bond with humans. Hopefully, we’ll be able to remember this the next time we see a rat in NYC that’s too eager to grab a piece of food.

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