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By Mickey Zeldes  August 14, 2014 10:27 am

This was our last week of summer camp at the shelter so we asked the campers to share their experience and what they learned. The following are their letters.


• I had so much fun this week. I played with rats, dogs, cats, and bunnies. We did projects. We made toys for cats. We made bags for Christmas and we made a collage. We had speakers talk to us about rats, dog training, vet care, bunny care and dog safety. We watched some videos, too. We went on a field trip to Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue. During the week we took home foster pets. And we had to treat little stuffed animals as if they were real. We also had to write in journals about what we did. I had so much fun at this camp.

Skylar Hendry


• At Critter Camp this year, I learned about rats, cats, dogs and bunny care. My favorite speaker, though, was the bunny speaker because the speaker showed us how and how not to take care properly. My favorite part was socializing with the animals, especially the cats and rats. Overall, I had a good time. 

Eloise Urbanski


• This week I really appreciated Critter Camp. I learned many things. For example, there is over 500 breeds of dogs – each bred for a specific reason. Some of the things were sad, like people adopting bunnies for Easter and some made me happy. For example, I could become a volunteer in just a little more than one year. It made me sad that many pets come each year, but they can easily be adopted with a little research. I think the most important thing I learned is that pets are for life.

Cameron Meech


• This week I enjoyed the dog training with the treats. I also liked the rats crawling all around us. It was fun playing with all the cats that were running everywhere. Overall, I think you did a great job.

Derek Zhou


• I went to SC Wildlife Rescue. Learned cat and dog training and vet care, bunny care and spay and neutering responsibility.

Paul Harriman


• At Critter Camp I had so much fun all week. I learned how to take care of all kinds of animals. I enjoyed how the many speakers gave up their time to teach us about how to care for and play with pets. The only part that saddens me is how many people give up perfectly healthy, young and obedient pets for no good reason. But overall, this week I loved the animal socialization. We were able to play with cats, dogs, rats, and even bunnies.

Cody Liu


• I have done lots of fun activities this week at Critter Camp. I got to visit dogs, cats and rats, and I got to do lots of fun arts and crafts. But the best part of camp was taking a stuffed animal home and pretending that I fostered it. It was fun to use my imagination. Our junior counselors were really nice. Their names were Camille and Carter and they helped so much at the camp. We also had our counselors, and they were amazing. They made everything fun and exciting. They were really funny. I look forward to coming back to this camp every year.

Heather Mahoney


• I had so much fun at Critter Camp. I learned about pet care, bunny care, rats, cats, kittens and more. It’s been fun at Critter Camp. 

Lauren Elwell


• At Critter Camp I learned a lot of stuff that I did not learn last year. I enjoyed learning about rats, dog training, vet care, bunny care and cats. My favorite parts were learning about dog safety, playing with the animals and going on the field trip to SC Wildlife Rescue Center. I also liked doing the CARE sheet all week. I learned about collar with ID tags, microchips, spay and neuter responsibility, research and education. This year’s Critter Camp was really fun.

Maddison Mangold


• I think pets are for life. If you adopt a pet, you must care for it until it dies. Here at Critter Camp, I’ve learned many things, such as how to react to stray dogs, pet owner responsibility and how to tell a cat or dog’s feelings by looking at its body. Critter Camp has been very helpful. 

Kyla Gelber


• This week we learned all about animals and we did community service projects. We watched videos about guide dogs, how to treat a dog and about training a dog. We did a paper that spelled out care and we did a letter a day.

Raymond Wang


• I have done lots of fun stuff at Critter Camp. We have been doing dog training, dog safety, bunny care, rat care and, of course, all about the vet, etc. Our camp also went on a field trip to the SC Wildlife Rescue. This week was awesome! And, I almost forgot, playing with the animals.

Breana Theroux


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Mickey Zeldes is the supervisor at the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter. She can be contacted at

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