Caitlin Stasey’s most BIZARRE Instagram posts

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Is Caitlin Stasey OK? From flaunting her ‘camel toe‘ and posing with rats to sharing videos taken from below her skirt: The former Neighbours star‘s most BIZARRE Instagram posts

She‘s the former Neighbours star who is known to raise eyebrows on .

And in recent months, Caitlin Stasey has surprised fans by flaunting her ‘camel toe‘ in ill-fitting jeans, posing with a rat, and even filming underneath her skirt.

As the former Neighbours star‘s unusual antics continue, Daily Mail Australia looks back at Caitlin‘s most eccentric social media posts.

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A short clip shared to Caitlin‘s Instagram Story on Wednesday, saw her taking aim at clothing manufacturers for making ‘allowances for men‘s genitalia and not women‘s‘.

The 27-year-old demonstrated her point by lifting up her beige sweater to reveal a ‘camel toe‘.

‘Camel toe‘ is a term used to describe the visible definition of a woman‘s genitalia that can occur when constrained by tight pants.

‘Been having a consistent problem,‘ Caitlin said, motioning towards her crotch.

She added: ‘I do feel like it‘s a bit discriminatory because, like, they make allowances for men‘s genitalia, but women‘s jeans do not.‘ 

Revealing posts have been a consistent theme in Caitlin‘s social media accounts.

Back in November, Caitlin took to Instagram to share a video with the camera positioned on the ground looking up under her skirt.

The short clip saw the TV actress wearing a red miniskirt and burgundy long-sleeved top, her legs slightly spread.

The video was captioned: ‘What I really am,‘

In another photo, Caitlin was pictured wearing just a white skirt while concealing her bare breasts by holding a dog.

‘Portrait of a dog tortured,‘ read the caption.

Meanwhile, several other posts shared to her Instagram account show Caitlin with her pet rats. 

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