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Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber performs during his concert in Asuncion, november 6 2013. AFP PHOTO / Norberto DuarteNORBERTO DUARTE/AFP/Getty Images

Justin Bieber (NORBERTO DUARTE/AFP/Getty Images)

Justin Bieber accidentally started a street art revolution in Bogota — after the singer was allowed to peacefully spray-paint city walls, local graffiti artists decided that they should be, too, Marina Villeneuve reports. (Usually, this would lead to punishment.) Daring police to reprimand them after letting Bieber go scot-free, hundreds of artists have seen this as a license to “[use] paint brushes, spray cans, stickers and stencils to cover walls in Bogota, Cali, Medellin and other big Colombian cities.” (The Post)

Over the summer, Jay Leno had a panel of comedians make fun of a bizarre story about a flight attendant who allegedly hid her pet rats in her underwear on a plane. Now, the flight attendant is suing Leno and “The Tonight Show” for that joke, Courthouse News reports. (This is the second time in two years that an offended viewer has sued the show.) (Courthouse News)

Howard Stern announced he’ll be back for a third season of “America’s Got Talent.” It’s awfully kind of him, given the show moved production across the country to New Jersey so he would participate, and then when that wasn’t close enough, into NYC itself near Stern’s radio studio. (People)

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