Breezy’s attacker guilty in dog’s near-fatal beating

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The man who savagely beat his dog Breezy with a shovel before leaving her for dead in a dumpster pleaded guilty Friday to maiming her, brandishing the rake at two women who tried to stop him and criminally harassing his mother.

But boyish-looking Steven Helfer, 24, denied stomping a chinchilla and her litter of babies to death because the newborns’ noises annoyed him, killing and skinning half-a-dozen pet rats or threatening to get a meat cleaver and do the same to his mom.

The Crown will attempt to prove those allegations to make its case on sentencing at a hearing to be held Jan. 15, prosecutor Tara Dobec told a judge Friday. Helfer also undergo a psychiatric assessment.

The facts heard by Judge Ann Alder are chilling.

Helfer’s mother — who told police she was deathly afraid of her disturbed “monster” son and feared he’d kill her — went to the Barclay Rd. townhouse they’d shared to get her things on Oct. 16.

He flew into a violent rage and threw things around the unit until police arrived to remove him.

Helfer took the 18-month-old lab-shepherd cross his mother had given him as a Christmas present onto the front lawn where, barricaded inside, she could see him.

A neighbour saw Helfer yank Breezy by her leash, choking her as she yelped and cried. He kicked her with steel-toed boots then picked up a rake and hit her over the head three or four times.

He picked up a shovel and advanced on the dog, hitting her “over and over.”

Every time Breezy tried to get to her feet Helfer beat her with the shovel until she didn’t try to get up again and lay motionless, covered with blood that poured from her nose and head, before he loaded her in a wheelbarrow and took her to a nearby dumpster.

A young woman climbed inside to check on Breezy who was still breathing and stayed with the dog, comforting her, until police and humane society agents arrived.

Breezy, covered with gashes, her skull fractured and one eye likely destroyed stopped breathing on the way to the Humane Society.

Vets at first thought she might not survive the night but after a series of operations she’s now in foster care, where she’ll stay for months before being adopted into a “forever home.”

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