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Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Jan 25, 2017 in Rat News | Subscribe

There has been an outbreak of the dangerous Seoul virus, after contact with infected fancy-pet rats. Seoul virus is carried by rats and is a species of hantavirus that can cause a form of hemorrhagic fever. Symptoms can include fever, headache, back and abdominal pain, chills, impaired vision, redness of the eyes, or rash. In rare cases it can cause kidney disease. A home-breeder of pet rats was hospitalized with fever, headache and other Seoul virus symptoms. Tests revealed the patient was suffering from Seoul virus and a family member, who also worked with pet rats, was found to have the virus as well. The virus is usually associated with the Norway rats (common ground rodent) throughout the world and several outbreaks of the virus have been reported in wild rats in Canada. This is the first time the outbreak has started in pet rats. The virus was named Seoul virus after it was first reported in the South Korean capital. The virus can be transmitted from an infected rat to a person via bodily fluids or a bite.

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