Billings Montana: No Pet Rats $300! Against City Ordinance, Pet Rat Law

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Billings: against city ordinance, pet rats. Billings Montana pet rat law, no pet rats “$300”. Strange laws and odd bans can be found in every American state and around the world.

There are more laws in existence now than at any other point in history, and often the odd, archaic or stupid ones are easier to leave on the books than to bother voting away.

While some of these wacky laws went on the books decades (or even a century) ago, city councils across the country continue to enact laws that have us shaking our heads.

Where: Billings, Mont.
About the ban: It’s against a city ordinance to own, sell or raise a Rat. (unless it’s used to feed other animals).
The fine: Residents caught with the banned pets can be fined $300.


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