Biddie Buddies Ferret Bed Blue

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 20, 2009 in Rat Cage Accessories | Subscribe

Biddie Buddies Ferret Bed Blue

This cozy Ferret Bed is a great place for your ferret to curl up for a snooze. Bed has a soft berber lining. Attaches securely to wire cages with a metal clip.

Keep your pint-sized pet happy and healthy with the Biddie Buddies line of small pet products. Innovative designs and coordinating colors let you create a safe, comfortable, and attractive haven for your pet.

Check out our complete selection of homes and accessories for your little buddy. Biddie Buddies offers a complete line of innovative products for the safety and well- being of your small pet.

Coordinates with the Biddie Buddies Collection of ferret products.

These are great for pet rats too!

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