Best of Craigslist: Is 15 pet rats too many?

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Dec 13, 2013 in Rat News | Subscribe

Do I smell a rat?

If you are the writer behind this week’s “Best of Craigslist” ad, chances are the answer is yes.

After all, they own 15 already… and want a few more.

In an effort to rescue unwanted and uncared for rats, this poster has taken to the Harrisburg Craigslist’s Wanted page with an offer. They will take in your unwanted rodents and rat cages.

They’re quite the rat expert too.

From the ad:

“I have had rats for the past three years, most of them are rescues but some are from stores. I currently have fifteen that are separated into three different groups: Three males which are obviously housed away from the females, five senior females that are in a large single level cage so they can’t fall and hurt themselves, and eight relatively young or “middle-aged” girls that live in a multi-level cage. I raised three of the girls and one of the boys after I found out that I had purchased a pregnant feeder rat so I have experience with rats of all ages.”

So that begs the question – how many pet rats is too many, in your opinion?

“Best of Craigslist” is a PennLive series in which we highlight some of the odder ads on the local Craigslist pages. It is published every Friday at 4:30 p.m. 

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