Bark could be worse than the bite: animal bylaws for Tenterfield

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Oct 27, 2012 in Rat News | Subscribe

TODAY, Tenterfield Shire Council is expected to take a close look at proposed animal bylaws.

Most local governments have animal bylaws. They allow council to provide guidelines preventing the noise and smell issues that can come with backyard barnyards.

The bylaws could potentially have an impact on just about everyone in the “urban” parts of the shire.

Council has been considering bylaws that allow two house dogs and four working dogs, two cats, 15 chickens, two rabbits, two ferrets, 12 pet rats, mice and guinea pigs, a sheep or goat per tenth hectare of land, one horse or cow per half-hectare, and no pigs.

Some of these numbers may already be ringing alarm bells. There are many people in town who have more than two cats or dogs and who are responsible and loving pet owners. It is very unlikely that those people will be asked to rid themselves of their “extra” pets.

The bylaws are not likely to be retrospective and would apply to new registrations.

Nevertheless, there will still be matters of concern for some pet owners.

Whether you are an animal lover or live next door to a crowd of barking dogs, you can listen in to council’s debate at today’s council meeting at the council chambers.

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