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IRONTON, Ohio (WSAZ) — Some true animal lovers spent their Friday night trying to help a large number of abandoned rats that were turned loose behind the Ironton Hills Shopping Plaza.

Employee Nicole Eubank first noticed six cages left open by the woods behind the plaza on Tuesday morning.

“I’m not a rat person, but I saw an animal that needed help,” Eubank said. “They didn’t know how to survive. They didn’t know how to get food or water. Their cages were open. They were all out of the cages, but they were coming back to the cages every day.”

The animal lovers are guessing around 100 domesticated rats are now loose in the area.

“They’re domesticated, so they do not know what they should be doing,” Eubank said.

She’s spent the week trying to make sure they were fed and watered.

“They were starving,” she said. “They were dehydrated.”

Shopper Kathy Carmon, an animal lover through and through, couldn’t bear the thought of the little critters suffering.

“I will go home and think about this, and I will wonder how many we didn’t save,” Carmon said.

Carmon caught as many as she could with a net — even some with her bare hands — and put them back into a cage.

“I’ll wonder about the person that dropped these off, whether they will ever care that they killed a few or that people will come up here and snatch them up to feed them to their snakes,” Carmon said. “I just wonder if we even make a difference.”

Lawrence County Humane Society Agent Randy Thompson told WSAZ a little after 10 p.m. that the person who abandoned the rats has been found, and that person was back on the scene working to collect the rats.

There’s no word yet on whether that person will end up being charged.

Some of the rats were taken in at Bert’s Pet Center in Russell, Kentucky, earlier this week. An employee there says several of the rats have already found new homes.

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