Animals rescued from stench-filled home

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MATAGORDA COUNTY – The Houston Humane Society helped rescue 25 dogs and other animals from a stench-filled mobile home in Matagorda County Wednesday.

But the owner, kept at a distance from the Bay City-area home during the rescue operation, denies the conditions amounted to abuse.

“No. Absolutely no,” said Sue Wimer after the dogs, seven pet rats and a ball python were taken away from her rural home.

But Houston Humane Society veterinarian Timothy Harkness, who led the search of Wimer’s home, called the conditions inside some of the worst he’s ever seen.

The stench of urine and feces inside the home was overpowering and a small cloud of flies hovered outside a bedroom window.

Wimer says she has lived with the dogs in the mobile home since 2005. She claims she used to breed them but that now the dogs are too old, so she’s letting them live out their lives.

“If the dogs are gone, I ain’t got nothing left, nothing,” she said. “Those are my children. And they’re the only thing that keeps me going, the only thing.”

Two dogs were in cages in the living room. Twenty-one more were in cages stacked on top of each other in a bedroom, one was found roaming the house, and a final dog found in the bathtub, apparently too small to climb out on its own.

The ball python was found in a living-room aquarium with one of the rats in a tank decorated with a small dog skull.

“This will rank as probably in the top 10 as some of the most deplorable places I’ve been to, as far as a hoarding situation,” said Harkness. “These dogs are in very poor shape. They’re dehydrated and living in their own feces.”

The Houston Humane Society, whose assistance was requested by animal control officers in Matagorda County, will determine what happens to the dogs, Matagorda prosecutors will decide if charges will be filed, while neighbors promised to keep watch over the dogs’ distraught owner.

During the rescue of the animals, deputies said that Wimer, who admits she has been the subject of animal abuse charges before in Matagorda County over the death of several horses, had threatened to return to her property with a gun. But she told us she never threatened anyone, only herself.

“If they take them babies and put them down, why don’t they just shoot me, too,” she said.

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