Animals removed from Eagle Pet Center in Shakopee

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After weeks of campaigning, agents with the Minnesota Federated Humane Society and volunteers removed all live animals and fish from Eagle Pet Center in Shakopee.

Earlier in the month, thousands of concerned people had joined a Facebook campaign calling for the removal of the animals due to the store’s leaky ceiling and lack of air conditioning.


According to the MFHS website, no payments were made for any of the animals and the owner voluntarily surrendered them in cooperation with the removal.

MFHS attorney Timothy Shields was also present during the removal, and he said the owner and operator of Eagle Pet Center also entered into a contractual agreement that he would not house or possess any animals in the store until the following conditions are met:

1. The store must be brought up to appropriate standards

2. Humane Society inspectors will check out the store before animals are brought back

3.  Approval to sell animals must be granted by Humane Society representatives

Eagle Pet Center will continue to sell pet supplies as it has always done; however, no animals will be sold until further notice.

The fish removed from the store, including a piranha, have since been taken to Aquatropics Aquarium Center in Crystal. The rabbits, mice and rats are currently being sheltered by the Animal Humane Society for evaluation. A bird that was also removed will be placed with a rescue organization.

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