Animal Rights Activists Push For Exotic Pet Ban In Las Vegas

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exotic-pet-stores-las-vegasHundreds of exotic animals are estimated to be living in the Las Vegas area, even though Clark County has only issued 14 permits to keep such creatures. Typically, only owners of exotic pets noted as dangerous are required to apply for a permit. KTNV notes that many in Las Vegas are calling for an exotic animal ban after the recent escape of two chimpanzees in a residential area. The pressure to ban exotic animals in Las Vegas stems not so much from the chimp enclosure escape which led to one of the animals being shot, but how the exotic pets were permitted to live in a Las Vegas home in the first place, KTNV reports. A ban on exotic pets in a city well known for exciting animal shows may be difficult to achieve.

“I want to get a ban on private ownership of dangerous animals here in Nevada,” animal rights activist Linda Faso told KNTV.

Faso is facing still opposition from exotic pet lovers who believe they deserve to humanly house and care for a myriad of exotic pets in Nevada. Las Vegas exotic animal store owner Ken Foose disagrees with the need for the ban Faso and a host of other animal rights activists are pushing for in Nevada. Foose told KNTV it is doubtful that state regulations will ever materialize due tot he “big bucks” involved with the local entertainment industry. Many shows on the Las Vegas Strip utilize exotic animals on stage.

Local laws in the Las Vegas area vary. Residents of North Las Vegas and the city of Henderson are not allowed to own exotic pets. Exotic animals are permitted in residential areas in Las Vegas. Specific restrictions exist by zone in the outlying areas of Clark County, according to the Reno Gazette.

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