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It’s not just raining cats and dogs at the shelter; we have plenty of other types of animals up for adoption as well.

Last year, eight percent of the 1,300 animals who came through our doors for help were of the “small animal” variety, running the gamut from rabbits, ferrets, hamsters and guinea pigs to pet rats, cockatiels, parakeets, pigs and even an adorable little goat named Totes-ma-goat.

It’s all about our feathered friends this week. Our pet pick is Henry, a 20-something Amazon parrot with beautiful green, blue and yellow feathers. Henry is a real character and quite a talker. Amazon parrots have a wonderful and entertaining ability to mimic human speech and other sounds and Henry is no exception. He can often be heard bragging that he’s a pretty bird and has an uncanny ability to mimic a barking dog. He’s fooled us more than once at the shelter. He’s a social creature who wants to spend time with his people. By parrot standards, he’s still a young bird and needs a parrot-savvy home where he can get the love and attention he craves.

We also have a pair of cockatiels, Turbo and Pops, available for adoption. They are between 2 and 3 years old. They were used for breeding and are semi-hand-tamed, but with time and attention can become even more comfortable with interaction and be great pets.

Maximus is a handsome Leghorn rooster — picture Foghorn Leghorn of old — who likes to strut his stuff. Unfortunately, at his last home he was mismatched with some smaller hens and proved to be too much for them. He should do fine with hens who are size-appropriate. Maximus is only 1 year old. He comes with an internal alarm clock with classic cockle-doodle-do sounds. If you are interested in any of these feathered friends, stop by the shelter and learn more.

Does your pet need a rabies vaccination? We are holding a low-cost rabies clinic Saturday, Nov. 14, at the Warren Fire Department on Western Road from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Dr. Craig Underhill from Warren Animal Hospital will be in attendance. The cost is $10 per animal, cash only. Bring cats in a proper pet carrier and dogs on a leash with last record of rabies shot if applicable.

Visit us at 17 Buttermilk Lane off Route 1 in Thomaston. We are open daily from 11 a.m to 5 p.m, closed on Sundays.

Wish list: Canned dog and cat food, paper towels and more paper towels, parrot and cockatiel food, stamps, laundry detergent, large black garbage bags, hot dogs, peanut butter, 6-inch paper plates. Thanks for your support.

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