Alleged neglect leaves exotic birds, rats up for adoption – Williamsport Sun

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Cockatiels and pet rats are awaiting adoption at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals shelter on Reach Road, Humane Officer Lawrence D. Woltz said Wednesday.

Eight of the brightly colored birds and 16 rats were confiscated in separate neglect cases and temporarily are residing at the shelter, where Woltz said they’re available for adoption.

“Most people come to the SPCA only for dogs and cats,” Woltz said. “We now have some pretty birds available, along with some rats, which people can keep like guinea pigs.”

The rats were the majority of a brood of more than 20 Woltz removed from an overwhelmed Montgomery resident.

The birds were part of a flock left flying around the bedroom of a South Williamsport home.

When it comes to keeping animals, some people get “in over their heads,” Woltz said. “We stress to only keep as many pets as you can take of.”

The birds and rats were rounded up before a bad situation became worse, he said.

“Both incidents involved cases of alleged neglect, not animal cruelty,” Woltz said.

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