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Published on Fri Jun 24 10:10:30 BST 2011

YOUNGSTERS at a local nursery welcomed some s-s-special visitors as part of a new parent and child scheme celebrating life at home.

Two snakes and rats, a giant snail and a bearded dragon made their way into the group at Buckets and Spades nursery, brought in by a parent who works with animals.

Pre-school supervisor Dave Bevan said the children had enjoyed the visit and showed a braver face than some of the adults.

He said: “We’re doing Parent Friday where parents and children come in and talk about their job or read a story to the children. They choose whether they want to spend half-an-hour or an hour, it’s to promote links to home. They very much enjoyed it, especially the snake, I think they were charmed by it. I think some of the staff were more scared than the children.”

This is the first Parent Friday session held at the nursery, and the expected arrival of the bearded dragon had set young minds racing.

Mr Bevan added: “Some of the children thought they would see something come flying into the room, but it’s just a lizard. They loved it.”

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