Alison Eastwood glad family is done with reality show, focusing on animal rescue

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Eastwood Ranch Foundation founder Alison Eastwood is relieved that her father Clint, former stepmom, Dina, and half-sisters Francesca and Morgan are not doing a second season of E!’s reality show, “Mrs. Eastwood Company.”

“No, they’re not doing that any more, thank God,” Alison Eastwood told FOX411 at the kickoff for the “No Pet Left Behind” adoption event held at the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter in Southern California. “I don’t think it went over very well in the family. The family wasn’t too happy about it as a collective whole, so that was a one season gig and I don’t think they’re going to be doing that again. I’m not into doing that. How can I say this eloquently? I will pimp myself out for animals, but I’m not going to do it get fame or money anything. I’m just here to save lives.”

But Eastwood, who starred on a season of Nat Geo Wild’s “Animal Intervention,” hasn’t entirely ruled out a return reality TV.

“I only want to do unscripted TV if it’s sending a good message. I’m not interested in making a fool of myself and being silly and all that,” she explained. “The reason I did the ‘Animal Intervention’ show was really to try and raise awareness and to do something that gave back to the animals. If that comes up, I would totally do it again. But unfortunately, unscripted TV seems to have a different audience and they don’t seem to want to be educated. They want to watch people who are train wrecks.”

On Feb. 4, Eastwood teamed up with fellow animal advocate Shane Smith of PAWS For Hope and Faith to offer a week-long “pardon” for all animals housed at the San Bernardino shelter.

“A pardon is when a shelter agrees, for a certain amount of time, not to euthanize any animals, until all of the animals are adopted or pulled by rescues,” explained Eastwood. “They have not been putting down any animals— anything that comes into this shelter is going to come out.”

Smith made a name for himself by improving the lot of animals housed at Macon Animal Control in Georgia.

“I met up with Shane via Facebook,” said Eastwood. “I saw what he was doing, staging these pardon events at high-kill shelters across the country. I really admired the success and following he has, so we partnered up. He said that he would come out and do a pardon here in California, and it’s the first one in the state, and we’re hoping that this will inspire more events like this throughout the state.”

“Every dog, all the cats and three chickens in this shelter will be pardoned,” Smith told FOX411. “The only requirement that I have is that they don’t euthanize any animal in the shelter and that they give me a chance to get them out.”

“I’ve always loved animals,” added Eastwood. “My family has always been a huge lover of animals and nature and my parents have always instilled in me a great respect for the critters of the world. So, I’ve always wanted to be a part of helping animals and I wanted to be a veterinarian as a kid, but I didn’t want to go through the eight years of vet school!”

Eastwood, who married sculptor Stacy Poitras, star of CMT’s “Chainsaw Gang,” last March, considers her large menagerie of animals to be a part of her family.

“We’ve got three dogs at home, three cats, two rabbits, two horses and a pet rat,” she said. “I love rats. My dad has rats. I have rats. We’re huge rat fans. Not feral, like, sewer rats, I’m talking, like, pet rats. There’s a little bit of a difference.”

Eastwood truly has a soft spot for the much-maligned rodent.

“They make great pets,” she insisted. “My rat’s name is Smokey. He had a little sister, but she passed away recently, unfortunately. So Smokey’s alone. They don’t last too long, but they make really great pets and they have great personalities and they’re very intelligent and they like to snuggle. It’s great, because they’re a great pet for kids because it teaches responsibility and there’s great interaction, but they’re very containable. It’s a lot easier to start a kid with a rat than it is with a cat or a dog.”

Whether rat, cat, chicken or dog–Alison hopes that the animals of the San Bernardino shelter will all find loving homes.

“Humans domesticated these animals for our pets thousands of years ago–it started with the Egyptians with their cats and dogs,” she said. “It’s our responsibility to spay and neuter, watch the population and take care of them–because we brought them into our world.”

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