After heavy odor at pet store, animals taken by investigators

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The smell at a Millersville pet shop got so bad Thursday, most of the town’s investigators had to be called.

Once there, they removed 65 mice and rats that were being bred for snakes, along with a Pixie African Bullfrog from the Gone Wild Exotic store in a Stearman Drive strip mall.

Authorities told News 2 there were also six deceased rats inside the store.

The sign outside said the pet store was open, but it had been closed for awhile. The owner, Carla Catlett, was also not present.

Six months ago, the business looked much different when Catlett and her boyfriend Tyler Broadrick appeared on the Millersville area website

At the time, Catlett said, “I started at home, just piddling with the animals selling them online, stuff like that.”

Broadrick told News 2 they closed the place three weeks ago because of Catlett health. He said they moved most of the animals to another pet store.

What was left behind was removed by six Millersville investigators from the police, fire and codes departments.

“The smell was very strong when we first walked in… and one of the first things we did was to air out the building,” said Millersville Police Chief David Hindman.

Broadrick says that while the place was closed, he had been coming over to the store to water and feed the animals.

In the meantime, Millersville investigators took the rodents and reptile to another pet store and are trying to figure out if what happened was animal cruelty.

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