Advocates Worried Over Post Seeking Puppies for Python

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LITTLE ROCK, AR — Some local advocates for pet adoption are both shocked and concerned after a social media post by someone looking for puppies.

The post was made on a Facebook page called “Free animals of arkansas and accessories” where people regularly post information about pets that are up for adoption. 

It’s what the person said he was going to do with the puppies that has people up in arms.

He said he wanted to use them as “feeders” for his two large albino pythons.

In the post, the snake owner says he doesn’t like to use rats because they fight back.  Puppies, he says, “don’t know what’s going on and they are big enough to satisfy snakes.”

We don’t know if the post is serious.  We weren’t able to find any law enforcement agency investigating, so we’re not using the poster’s name or picture.

But a quick search online shows people have landed themselves in jail for turning puppy pets into pet food.

“There’s alternative ways to fed them,” Julia Coulter with North Little Rock animal control said of snakes.  “Frozen rats, things like that. Why would you be looking for puppies?”

Coulter says feeding a puppy to a snake is a crime, and the person could be charged with Cruelty to Animals.

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