A busy week here at Sacred Heart school

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By Emily Butt and Kylie Gillingham

Last week was a busy week here at our school. It was Fire Prevention Week, we had our pictures taken (lots of great smiles that day), as well as Kids Eat Smart activities, and Education Week activities (such as hat day).

Last Wednesday was Walk to Breakfast day. K-6 students went for a long walk then munched on fresh fruit for a healthy snack. Thanks to everyone who donated to the Breakfast Program.

Also last Wednesday, Sacred Heart hosted its first cross-country race at Jubilee Field. This was our first Participation Nation event. In each division, Top 10 runners received a prize. Every participant had to pay a fee of $2. All of the money was donated to the SPCA. Congratulations to all of the runners. You did a great job.  

Ms. Lowe, the cross-country running coach, said, “We had a great season of participation and sportsmanship.”

Ms. Young and Mr. Humber organized a fantastic race and Mrs. Lowe was coach of our wonderful racers.

Ms. Payne’s Grade 3 class did a marvelous job hosting the Thanksgiving assembly last Thursday. They talked about what they were thankful for, including their family, friends and their school because there are countries that do not have schools or hospitals. To end their day, Ms. Payne and Ms. Small’s classes made delicious apple crisp. Tanya Brown helped them with the baking. Well done Grade 3s!

In Ms. Grandy and Ms. Park’s Grade 1 classes they brainstormed a whole load of things that they are all thankful for and put them on the turkey feathers in art class. They are becoming great illustrators and authors with their work on the story of Tom Turkey.

They read lots of kids literature about Thanksgiving.

In math they journalled about the numbers 6 and 7 representing the numbers in different forms. Also for a fun art activity they made colourful turkeys with six feathers and seven items they’d like to eat for Thanksgiving dinner.

In news from the gym, intramural dodgeball is continuing lunchtimes until the end of October. The basketball players are very excited about the new basketball backboards and nets that are being installed in our gym.

It was mentioned last week that the slugs in Ms. Pardy’s class packed their bags and traveled from one habitat to another. In Ms. Bursey-Foo’s class they are learning about habitats too. They’ve enjoyed the sound of chirping crickets in their class. The crickets have now escaped and are on an adventure of their own. Hopefully they hopped out of a window and out of the school.

Ms. Caines in Grade 6 said if they get pet rats, she’s not coming to school anymore!

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