6-foot pet boa constrictor escapes in Delhi Township

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A 6-foot long boa constrictor escaped from the 400 Block of Morrvue Drive in Delhi Township on Sunday and now neighbors are watching every step.

According to police, the owners said they were feeding the pet snake in the backyard and then suddenly, it was gone.

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Parents now say they are on the lookout in backyards and garages and keeping an extra close eye on their children.

“Having three small kids that play outside and it could be anywhere. Hopefully it’s not around here, hopefully it went further down the street, but still that’s my concern,” mother Holly Prost told WLWT News 5.

“She was crying last night. She was scared that the snake was going to get in our house,” said Kim Bruekner about her daughter. “I reassured her that pretty much out of all the whole street, I don’t think it’s going to pick our one house to go to or her room.”

Police said parents and kids don’t need to worry; the snake typically won’t prey on people, just rats and rabbits.

Still, with the falling temperatures, the snake will be looking for a warm place to curl up to survive.

The snake is described as off-white with black markings.

Police asked residents to be on the lookout, especially in warm places outside like sheds, garages and motor engines.

“They don’t like you as much as you don’t like them, so they’re going to stay away,” Chief Jim Howarth said. “Although it’s increased a little bit of panic, personally I don’t have a fear, in talking with the Department of Agriculture, that this thing is going to come up and attack somebody or attack a child.”

“I’m looking for the snake!” Marty Adams from Cheviot told WLWT. “Maybe it will be going across the street in front of me, somewhere in front of me, I might call that number!”

Despite the reassurance, for many parents the idea of a snake on the loose makes their skin crawl.

Police said the snake’s owner has not broken any laws.

According to the Ohio Dangerous Wild Animal Act, a six-foot boa constrictor is not considered dangerous. Venomous snakes, anacondas and pythons 12-feet or longer are restricted.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Delhi police at 513-922-0060.

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