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10 Greatest Pixar Characters Ever | RatChatter

10 Greatest Pixar Characters Ever

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Feb 11, 2014 in Rat News | Subscribe

To celebrate the release and success of Disney Pixar’s Brave we delve into the Pixar vaults and bring to you our list of the 10 greatest Pixar characters so far. From Barbie and Ken to Bruce the Shark, Pixar have literally dozens of greats to chose from so choosing 10 of the best was no easy task. However, we think we’ve compiled the definitive list. Disagree? Have your say in the comments section below.

10. Remy – Ratatouille

Rodents have been a mainstay of Disney movies since the very beginning. Some have been evil, like the one in Lady and the Tramp while others have been brave and heroic like Basil the Great Mouse Detective. And while some have been cute (Cinderella) none have been anywhere near as lovable as Remy, the cuddly gastro Rat from the smash hit animation Ratatouille. Kids the world over could be heard to beg their mummy and daddy for their own pet rats while parents were horrified to find these same pet rats scurrying all over their kitchen surfaces and helping to cook breakfast. Anyone for Weill’s Disease souffle?


09. Mater – Cars 1 2

The strangest thing in the Cars universe for me isn’t how cars can talk or where their brains/internal organs must be housed but rather why everything else remains exactly how it is in the real world. Houses, shops, roads, airports – all ready for use by us humans yet we’re no longer the dominant species. In fact, we’re not even around at all which suggests our favoured modes of transport probably overthrew us in some hideous mechanical uprising. It’s Maximum Overdrive or worse, Terminator, all over again!

For the moment though we can rest in the knowledge that not all cars are bright and threatening. Nope, some are like Mater the big, dumb, bucktoothed tow truck who becomes Superstar Race Car Lightening McQueen’s best buddy. He might be dumb and annoying but he’s also got a heart as big as his overbite and is as reliable as he is hideous. We love Mater because he’s a true friend and will never let you down though you might want to let his tires down once in a while just to have a break.

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