Public urged not to use 'man traps' to tackle giant mutant rats

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“It was in the evening and my husband had gone to the local shop.

“A friend of ours came up to him and said she had seen a cat in the hedge and thought it had something caught on its foot.

“Jason had no idea it was our cat but said he would go with her and take a look.

“When he realised it was Fidgit he was horrified. 

“We think the trap had been on her foot for around 12 to 24 hours because part of her paw had been totally taken off her.

“It was a hell of a thing trying to get it off her and she had to have half of her foot amputated.

“It looked as if the trap had at one time been chained to something, but Fidgit had managed to pull herself free.

“What she was doing there I don’t know because we live the other side of Broseley.

“The vet told us if she’d had another toe off we would have had to put her down because she wouldn’t have been able to cope. 

“It also cost me £300 in vets bills.” 

The family have had Fidgit since she was an eight-week-old kitten.

Sarah added “I’ve never seen anything like this before – her injuries were horrible.

“Hopefully the person who is using these traps might see what damage it has caused. “Whoever is using these horrible things may not be aware that it is also causing suffering to local pets – and children could step on one.

“I put the picture of Fidgit on Facebook and it got over 100 comments.

“But it could be that the person does know and doesn’t care.

“Thankfully Fidgit is now making a full recovery.” 

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