Pet Rat??????

Posted by Big Rat on Campus on Jan 17, 2010 in Rat Answers | Subscribe

I’m thiking of getting a rat. any info for me? are they hard to take care of? any websites i should look at? need info!!!!!!! thanx! 🙂

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  • Our site has a lot of useful information on taking care of Pet rats, from food to cages to toys and games.

  • xXEdgeXx says:

    I ave some great websites. they make wonderful pets and arent too hard to care for., its not a joke)

  • k.kellyg says:

    They are wonderful pets.You need to get them the biggest cage you can and spend a decent amount of time with them-they are social beings,very smart too.Definitely do your homework on food though.Good Luck:)

  • Rose Wallace Goldaline says:

    Yes, they make great pets!! Just make sure you get a pair, they like to have rattie company. I have 3 at home and they are so much fun! They are easy to take care of and so friendly. My fav website is They are a super friendly rat community and offer a wealth of information on ratcare. They have a lot of links to other rat information also.
    Good luck with your decision!

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