Outdoor pet care focuses on fundamentals

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Pets should he housed or penned where there is good air movement. Air movement helps keep the area both dry and cool.


Protection from the sun in the hottest part of the day is vital to the comfort and care of outdoor pets. It’s great to have sun exposure, but without protection that sun exposure can rather quickly become a hazard. Heat combined with humidity can become deadly.


Access 24/7 to fresh water is important to the care of animals and people. Smaller pets have less resistance. Water is used in the body to maintain fluids, remove wastes and cool the body. Heat stress is a threat when water to meet all functions is not available.


Flies are more likely to breed is drying mixtures of manure and feed under fences, feedbunks and other inaccessible places, than in fresh manure. It is important not only to clean-up fresh manure, but to clean up hay feeding sites under fences and feeders and in pen corners. This clean-up also reduces rodent populations by reducing feed and hiding places.


Focus on basic diets for the age of pets you have. Feeding basic diets will keep the animals in shape, healthy, and keep costs for their care in line with your budget.


The list of predators to outdoor pets and small livestock is sizable. I have counseled Gage County clients on damages from owls, mink, weasels, rats, skunks, possums, dogs, coyotes, fox, badgers, raccoons, hawks, falcons, feral cats, bobcats, snakes and maybe a few more. Pets may need protection from below, all sides and above, both day and night. Pets can even be injured from predators that don’t get into the pen. Predators with access under rabbit cages can damage the legs and skin of the rabbits through the wire. Part of animal protection is to make sure you dog is properly licensed with the City.


Pens or cages need to be large enough for the animals to get regular exercise. This might include releasing the animals for walks, trips to the dog park, of in the case of my homing pigeons for a daily flight.

Daily Chores

There is nothing more important than daily chores for the pets or the people responsible for them. The daily interaction helps to relieve stress and share the joys and sorrows of life. Pets are a great life learning school for children, in part because of the daily chores (Character Counts – Responsibility). If you are not willing to commit to daily chores, I would recommend that you don’t keep pets.

Beatrice Humane Society

It is a very good thing that we have a group of people involved in the care of lost and unwanted pets. The Beatrice Humane Society provides a vital service to our community. They deserve our support.

It is unfortunate that the Humane Society of the United States has hijacked the good name and good works of local Humane Societies for the sole purpose of fund raising for their army of attorneys. Their goals are very different and only a token of the funds go for actual animal care. Do your own investigations before you send any dollars to the heart-wrenching commercial addresses! Your precious support dollars are needed for local animal needs at the local Beatrice Humane Society.

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