National Fancy Rat Society puts rodents on show in Meldreth

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THOUGH they may not be everyone’s animal of choice, rats were the star attraction in Meldreth at the weekend.

A collection of rare and unusual pet rodents were on display as part of The National Fancy Rat Society’s exhibition in the village,

And just like any other prize pet show, the rats all put their best paws forward for a presentation at the end of the day.

Mary Giles, one of the organisers, said: “We would encourage people to consider choosing rats as pets because they are intelligent, sociable, and adaptable animals who enjoy being with people, and can form very close bonds with their owners.

“If you are looking for new rats, it is far better to buy them direct from a breeder than from a pet shop. This enables you to ensure that the animals have been handled from an early age and are well socialized, and that both they and their parents are friendly and healthy.

“Coming to a show is a great opportunity to meet rats as well as their breeders.”

Taking place at Meldreth Village Hall, the show featured rats performing in their own miniature race.

Children also discovered that rats can be just as cute as bunnies, as they were able to hold them in the exhibition’s very own “cuddle corner”.

There was also the chance for visitors to buy food and accessories at several stalls for their beloved long-tailed pets, and win prizes at the event’s raffle.

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