Odd question but does any body know how to take care of Baby Squirrel...

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I just found you another site, it tells how to feed them and raise them.


Also here's their age page, looks like she's about 5 weeks old.

I'll call my sister again tonight when she gets home from work and see if she has some more info for you. By the way, my sister also had cats, dogs and a rabbit during the time she had the squirrel.

I'll keep looking for info on the net for you, but the above website looks really great, with lots of good information. Although from what I have read, you have already missed the window of opportunity of putting her back outside for her mother to find her. Putting her back now would mean she would die. :(

I found a Rehabilitator in South Dakota, I don't know how close he is to you, but couldn't hurt to give him a call. Here's the link and I will keep searching:


WoW ... she is very pretty, and looks so tame sleeping there in the picture.

I hope things work out ...

aww, what a cutie!  Good luck!

Thank you all. Well an Update : She is doing much better we decided that we will keep her (pretty sure) and raise her.
Tonight about an hour ago she has really started to come around. She started sucking the syringe by herself and holding onto it with her to front feet. (very cute :) ) I have to feed her every 3 hours and she seems to be doing great.  :Thumbs Up: Only time will tell. But i took some new pictures of the sweet baby. :)


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