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News: Mr.R's Dumbo May 5, 2011 ~ RatChatter Forums are permanently CLOSED (Read Only) due to Health Issues. Mr.R's Dumbo
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Rat Chatter forums - Sitemap
Board Subject Topics Posts
Please read! If you are going to sign up with RatChatter, please read this post first! Thank you! 2 2
New Rats This is the place to tell us about new adoptions or just if you are a new rat on the forums. 284 3263
New Litters Tell us about your new litters here ... even the accidental litters. Please make sure you have read the forum rules before posting here. 67 1423
Other Pets Rat Chatter may be all about the rats, but we know there are other rat friends out there, too. This is their place at Rat Chatter forums. 296 2559
Open Rat Chat Feel free to talk about anything and everything rat related in this board. 1188 9222
Portraits and Poses Show off your rats here. Show us their poses, their portraits, their candid captures. Have some fun, too. 822 6949
The Rainbow Bridge Please tell us about who is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge ... sharing will help make the burden lighter. 244 2274
Rats in the News, Science and Reviews Topics and Articles related to Rats in the News and Science as well as Reviews of Movies/TV with Rats in the Shows. 98 301
... and Now For Something Completely Different Miscellaneous topics and discussions that are not rat related. 766 6456
Videos... We have set aside this forum just for videos of anything you find interesting. We prefer it be animal related, but even humans are animals. ;-) These can be from YouTube, other video sites or your own videos. Please ONLY post the link to the video(s) in your threads, embedded videos will be removed. 213 1052
Events & Fundraisers Rat related events, Fundraisers and goings on ... 30 113
Jokes, Games and the like... This board is for jokes, games and other fun things you would like to post, as long as they are in "good taste". These do not have to be rat related. Have Fun and Enjoy! 63 1168
Habitats, Homes and Rattie Paraphenalia Let us know all about your rat living spaces. Their free range area, their cages ... their homes...their toys, cage accessories and Homemade Items. 189 1817
Food! Tell us about what your rat eats (nutritional items preferably). What are the rat recipes you use? What special treats make your rat's eyes boggle? 125 927
The Rattie Clinic! Is your rattie not feeling well? Please post all health related concerns and issues in this board.
Please Note: The information provided here is for reference purposes only.
387 4635
Holistic These forums will be for the discussion of Homeopathic & Herbal remedies.
Please post from you own first hand experience with your rats, such as what these remedies have been used for and what successes that have been gained ... and what to stay away from!
Please Note: The information provided here is for reference purposes only.
15 21
General and Traditional Medicines These forums should be used for the discussion of general medicines; discussions of treatment plans that have been offered, suggested, or currently being used and more traditional methods of treatments; such as prescription medicine and related treatments.
Please post from you own first hand experience with your rats, such as which medicines and what dosages were or are being used.
Please Note: The information provided here is for reference purposes only. Please consult your veterinarian to determine proper care.
10 22
Adoption Listings Adoption listings from various web services.
If you would like your area added, please contact an administrator or global moderator.
8 16
Re-Homing If you are no longer able to care for your pet(s) this is the place to let the community know ... and help with finding your pets a new home. 15 102
Rescues Please only post relevant rescue related information. This forum is for those involved in a rescue, those that have made the rescue, and those that are arranging for a new permanent home of rescued rats. 47 363
Relays Please post here if you are able to move rats from one point to another. Please remember you are volunteering your time, your energy, and your compassion at your own expense. What you will gain from your efforts is priceless! 3 5
Buy, Sell and Trade Willing to spend some money? Want to get back some of your investments? This forum is for the buying, selling and trading of personal rat related goods by our chatters. 32 317
Pet Related Links Here is a collection of links we have found which may be useful or informative. 6 10
General Breeding Discussion These forums are for general discussions about breeding. Please be responsible with your breeding topics and posts. 13 139
Professional Breeder List This forum is for Professional Breeders and related listings. ALL posts will be moderated.
ONLY one thread per breeder will be allowed. Please post responsibly.
2 2
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