Coventry RSPCA looking to home hairless rats this Halloween

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The very thought of long-tailed rats and gerbils is enough to make some people scream.

But luckily, the little creatures have been made to feel welcome at RSPCA Coventry Nuneaton.

The centre is home to 40 rats and gerbils, but three of them – Scabbers, Spider and Splinter – are hairless rats.

RSPCA staff are hoping that the trio – and their many furry friends – may be able to find loving homes.

Glenn Mayoll, animal centre manager, said: “Often people can find these little furries and baldies a bit scary – but they make wonderful pets in the right home.

“We a desperate to find homes for these rats and gerbils.

“But we would like to urge anyone thinking about having a small animal as a pet to come and see us first.”

animal centre on Coundon Wedge Drive is open from 11am–4pm every day except Tuesday.

Anybody wishing to find out more should drop in, look on
or call 02476 336616.

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One Comment

  • Barrie Gee says:

    Hi I have been keeping hairless rats now for over 5 years, and my wife and I just adore these little creatures. At the moment we have 3 Boys, Billy, Buddy, & Kevin.
    We would be very willing to adopt either boys or girls to join our home to get spoiled.
    They have to be Hairless as my wife is very allergic to any fur.
    I have 3 spare ferplast cages ready and waiting for any unfortunate little critters who find themselves without a home.
    Pleas email me if I can help.
    I live in Haydock St.Helens but would be willing to travel up to 40 or 50 miles to pick up.
    many thanks,

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